Despite No Rain

Everything is go. An exceptionally warm, dry April equals action, leaving little time for the reflection required for such musings as these. However, this weekend being May Day, there is an imperative to find some space for celebration.

The Entrance Field, a sad-looking, boggy and therefore neglected space for so many months, perks up and our attentions turn to it. Or vice versa: this is a virtuous circle to follow winter’s downward spiral. [Note to self: more year -round interest might mean more regular attention and weeding, thus less resorting to the rotavator]. A lot of the root crops are in, and the strawberries are exuberant: they will bear splendid fruits come summer, if we get some rain.

The Old Kitchen Garden, after months of digging out bramble, couch and bindweed by hand, is now down to maincrop potatoes. The soil there is the best this site has to offer, a gift to us from past generations of Victorian gardeners, to whom a bounty of good honest spuds will be a fitting tribute. If we get some rain.

I’m pleased, almost to the point of smugness, that we’ve more or less dodged the spring salad gap: last week we began picking the spring sown lettuce, rocket and orache alongside their wintry counterparts, which have still yet to run to seed. So we can look forward to an uninterupted flow of summer salads, though a little rain would help.

There’s been a lot of watering going on out here lately, with lots of young plants – seedlings, annual veg, and freshly planted fruit trees and vines – to establish. Right now Brian is even out watering the compost heap. All the ingredients were thoroughly mixed a month ago, now Just Add Water. I have lost patience with the sky.

So far, the growing season is going quite well. A bit of rain and it’ll be going swimmingly.

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