Summer Returns

I’ve just returned from five days away in the Scottish Highlands. There, the season is some six weeks “behind” ours, and the sight of bluebells and hawthorn in full bloom was a delightful encore as the South hurtles from flowers to fruitlets. Apparently, the spring moves up the country at walking pace. It’d be a great adventure to join the walk one year, but I doubt I’d get far before itching to get back to the domesticated plants in the nursery and garden…


This week I got back to meet these plants’ deep generosity of nature: there is more salad and strawberries here than our team can pick; the rhubarb is rising again after spending May complaining graphically of thirst; the beetroot “Bull’s Blood” and broad beans swelling with London pride. There was also the generosity of human spirit, in the care and attention taken by the Hawkwood collective to ensure the little jobs I do around the place were seen to.


So, summer’s here, and whilst it works us hard “making hay”, all’s well in this world of grassroots community food. The contrast with the bullying, mean-spirited world of high finance and high politics could not be more sharp.

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