About Hawkwood

Hawkwood Nursery is a 12 acre organic growing and permaculture site on the edge of Waltham Forest, which includes extensive glasshouses, open fields, scrubland, and wooded areas. It has been taken on by Organiclea Community Growers to turn the site over to the production of a wide range of fruit, vegetables and herbs, plants seedlings and training and volunteering opportunities. This blog provides a sideways look at the day to day work of one of Hawkwood’s growers. For information about events, activities, volunteering and location at Hawkwood and the rest of Organiclea’s work, visit our website.

Tomatoes July 09

First tomato crop, July 09

4 thoughts on “About Hawkwood

  1. Hey Ru, nice blog you’ve got there – poetical-practical! And by the way,, it turns out East Cheam was Tony Hancock’s ‘Ch-‘ place. Rhymable. But probably not as green as your Chingford dream 🙂

  2. Hey Ru, Wow! Brilliant, just stumbled across the blog. The site sounds and looks amazing. I don’t know what is making me salivate more the thought of own grown peaches or having 12 acres to play with!

    Was wanting to hear how things are going but don’t have an email for you. Please send me one! Have heard about many inspiring projects over the last wee while and stumbling on the blog just adds to that. Here’s a couple of little snippets of inspiration that could be good for film screens…
    http://www.ecotippingpoints.org/video/new-york/index.html – check out the ‘our stories’ section on this one, it has over a 100 ‘eco’ success stories on it.

    Cheerio. Bruce

  3. Hi, we at Priory Court Gardening Club would like to say thank you for your donation of Crocus bulbs, they will certainly help to brighten up the area during early Spring. We now have our own website and have added your website to our links page.
    Best regards

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